Allow Me…..



Well, this is just all sorts of awks.

That moment when you become a stranger in your own house, which you built with your sweat, blood and at the expense of your laptop keyboard, phone screen and twitter intergrity, is as depressing as waiting for Tonto Dikeh to make good music.

Shit happens though, I’m just gonna man up and do what I’ve gotta do.

Allow me to re-introduce myself.

I’m DankarO ShintO, and I’m not a terrorist. Forget I said that last part. I used to write here, back when I still considered myself as one of the writing sorts. I watch, I wait, I steal things and apparently I will send you nudes if you follow me on twitter. Yeah, I want you to have the worst impression of me.

Insha allah, I’m gonna attempt to resume posting here and not just reblogging stuff I wrote for other peeps blogs. It’s been a while and I’m very rusty. My vocabulary has gone to Narnia, I’m a full blown Alomo addict – cause I like the truth, and like they say, the truth is bitter – and it is quite unfortunate that I’m doing this when ASUU is about to call off the strike.

I make up crazy scenerios in my mind, some come together well, some don’t, due to shortage of mind glue. Most times I try too hard to be funny. So even if you’re not amused, just comment LOL and let all be well with the world. For every comment you drop on this blog a starving kid gets fed in Somalia, a gangbanger in the hard streets of Detroit gets led to Christ and a Convenant female student gets impregnated. Do your part to make the world a better place!

There’s a Kenyan saying that “A man brags about his penis, no matter how small”. The originator of said saying definitely hasn’t seen Wande Coal’s nudes. I have no idea why I said that but apparently, I can. More importantly I’ve finally gathered enough mind to start organizing a blog challenge. All ye writers should pucker up for my ass kissing.

I’m yet to perfect a mind throbbing goodbye phrase, got some in the works though, so I’m gonna be using you guys as lab animals and testing them on yousa. Till the next post, stay straight.



19 thoughts on “Allow Me…..

  1. Ok, I’ve commented, now can I pick who gets impregnated?

  2. I see you’re still very much insane

  3. feel free to pick… and who told u Dankaro that d strike is about 2 end? beta stay buckled and cozy where ever u r.. enjoy d ride

  4. It seems the news about the strike is now everywhere I go… Can’t humans just stay away from that word ‘strike’? It sends thunderbolts into my spine.
    Good one, Dankaro….. Thanks for the reminder on which sexuality rocks more tho.

  5. This. Is. The. Most. Matter-of-fact. Hilarious. Shit. I’ve. Read. In. A. While.

    Why u no mention me with this link, I dunno, but I am here, faegit.

    Cheers, niggah.

  6. LoL. The world needs you ooo. Now that you have decided to come back out here, decide also to stay out here ooooo. No more runaways.

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