Not Science Fiction!

Wrote this for the king of opinion @Sammoyd he has a cool blog, y’all should check it out.

Sam's Blog

So the other day I discovered my blog was gathering low-grade Peter Parker cobwebs and I decided I had to write about something except my writing mojo is still on vacation in the Bahamas…wherever it is that is. Enter Dankaro Shinto (yeah that’s a real name folks) who offered to guest-write. This is a first for my baby blog and Dankaro himself thinks it’s probably below grade, so be nice enough to send him an e-pat on the back. He also tweets as @volturi_Lord when he’s not making stuff up. Now to what he has to say…

You have read a lot of science fiction. 

Don’t lie, obviously you have… Especially if you’re one of those weird people (like me) who derive joy from reading. I’m gonna tell you a story today though, one that doesn’t involve science (and definitely not fiction).

Currently I’m a resident of the greatest city…

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