Challenge Nine: Volturi_Lord

Welcome to A.g(r)eek!

**Fam, madness is real. Someone once told me ara ndi nudinudi, which I think means madness is in stages (it may also mean I gave fellatio to a monkey. There is no trusting these ibo people). Volturi_Lord is here to give us a live demonstration**

Mastermind: Volturi_Lord

Domain: NaijaDude


First it had been “you’re too stiff, Jim. You need to loosen up”

I loosened up

Then It had been “you’re too secretive, Jim. You need to be more open about your emotions”

I pretended to be more open about my emotions

Then it had been ” you’re too nerdy jim” I think this frames will make you more macho

I didn’t like the new glasses, but I wore it anyway.

Finally it was ” you’re so being a child about this jim, why can’t you just be more of a man and tell me about your fantasies”

I told…

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