My very first liebster……

liebsterblog1Hey people, approximately 24 hours ago I got an email that got my heart aflutter. Just imagine, after just five months of blogging and just 25 post I got nominated for an award. An award given to up and coming bloggers with under 200 WordPress followers, The Liebster Award originated in Germany. Liebster means dearest or beloved, and Liebe is love. So I feel very ecstatic that people feel I deserve this award. And not just ‘people’ but I was nominated by a blogger who has being kind of role model and inspiration in the struggle to write better and more importantly to write interesting stories and not so crappy articles. So first of all I’d like to thank Tonwa, the not so crazy writer behind The Crazy Nigerian an awesome blog which you all have to check out. Apparently there are some iron clad rule which I have to adhere to or I forfeit (which is out of the question by the way)

The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • List 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer the question they have asked you
  • Nominate 11 other people
  • Ask the nominees 11 question
  • Last and definitely least, let them know you have nominated them.

11 Random Facts about Myself

  • One of my greatest difficulty, as just discovered is apparently answering questions about myself
  • For the past five years now I’ve had this recurring dream where I pick up a magazine and see my name as the richest black dude ever
  • For the first five months after registering this blog on, I was too chicken to post on it.
  •  I earnestly support the theory that everything’s more fun with Alcohol
  • As a kid, I spent quite a long time in my own fantasy world, especially when everybody was being their usual annoying selves.
  • For the next few months I’ll be trying out the whole singlehood and celibacy thingy, so if I seem touchy or grouchy for no particular reason, you know what to blame it on.
  • In approximately 6 months I’ll be a graduate, and I absolutely have no idea what to do with myself.
  • One of my targets for the new year was to win an award for “something” still wondering if this counts?
  • I’m a music fanatic, it just helps me process better and do stuff faster.
  • My friends think I’m too violent, I just don’t see it though.
  • I’m kind of a recluse emotional, why do have to tell you how I feel?


Now, the hard part

  • If you could rescue only one personal item from a burning house what would it be – why? It’d be my glasses. So I can actually walk to the fire station, or at least see enough to get the hell outta there.
  • Which would you prefer this year – 10,000 more page views or a hundred more followers? You actually have to ask that? Which is more, 10,000 or 100? I’m a typical African, I’ll go for quantity.
  • Of all the blog themes why did you choose your current blog theme? To be honest, a snail moves faster than my Modem. It was actually the first preview I could open….and it looked kinda cool too.
  • What is the one thing (animate or inanimate) that you are terrified of? One word; Poverty.
  • If you could teleport yourself to any part of the world right now, where would it be? Err… I’d go to Ukraine and see a friend.
  • Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S character do you think you share a similar personality with? I’ll go with Ross Geller, he’s tall, Brilliant, got the cutest girl and it took him a while to get his act together.
  • If you could eat one type of dish for a whole month, what would it be? Actually done this already, and it was Rice all the way.
  • What is the title of you last blog post? Love Matters? (1\3)
  • If you won $1,000,000 what is the first thing you would spend on or invest in? I’d first get myself an ipad….and by the way contributions are now being accepted.
  • When you get angry what do you do to calm yourself down? Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays I just go to the Dojo and beat down on some unfortunate individual. Every other day, I listen to music.
  • Do you believe in life after death (explain your reason)? I’m just gonna take the easy way out here, I’m Agnostic.

And my nominations for the Liebster award. Noted for their inspiring and refreshing contents, in no particular order are:

Congratulations. And I’ve also got to ask you guys a few questions too.

My questions for the nominees

  • If you could only rescue one parent from a burning house which would you save, and why?
  • How do spend your free time?
  • What is your greatest achievement so far?
  • If you were appointed President of your country, what would be your first act?
  • If you have to choose between dying by poisoning or suffocation, which will you prefer?
  • If you had just a wish, answer guaranteed what would you wish for?
  • Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings (state reasons please)
  • What are the best five words that would describe you?
  • Which of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S character would date if you have the opportunity?
  • How did you get interested in writing?
  • If you could start all over in life, would you change anything?


This is like my longest blog post and I hope y’all have fun reading it.

 NOTE: There is no general committee that handles this award. its’s just a recognition  from one blogger to another for how awesome they are. Kind of like a really big internet hug!

Beht of cos, itz the Naija Dude

*dust shoulders*


38 thoughts on “My very first liebster……

  1. Thanks for the Nomination!

  2. humblified sire…

  3. Ride on brv, u on it, follow d call…..#I support#

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  5. I’m not good with award speeches, imma just sit this one out.

  6. Hey! I nominated you for a Liebster too! Not just because you nominated ME, but because you write beautifully as well. 😀 Here –

  7. m really honoured by the nominate..
    Tnkx mahn!

  8. Thanks 4 d nomination browh…i will definitely try to write better!

  9. Thanks 4 d nomination browh…i will definitely try to write better! As if*laffing hard*

  10. *wipes tears* *sniffs* Thank you so much.

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  12. […] normally blog on a Monday, but I’ve got some fantastic news! I got nominated for a Liebster award. I was overjoyed to find out about this at about 5am this morning! The ever sweet […]

  13. heheheheee..u re one funny dude. u wont believe i just overcame the urge to call u Steve auckel…corect me if i didnt his fictional charcter name in ‘famly matters” correctly
    i so pity the individual that has to take the brunt of your anger…lmao
    and as for FRIENDS,,…hmmn, one would think more ppl would go for Chandler or Joey…loool
    ahhn ahn naww…wt do u mean by African ppl love quantity…loool..not evryborri is like that na..

    • Yea…. You’re right, stevie’s like my alter ego and also my fav character in Family matters.

      The good thing about my anger is that it fizzles out really quickly. So I guess I don’t do much damage before I’m all cheerful and non-smilling again.

      And as for FRIENDS, ROSS is all sorts of awesome jare, smart funny and kinda cute (NoHomo). Plus he has rachel and a PhD….. Him over chandler and joey anyday anytime.

      • hahahah@PhD!!! you just reminded me of his part where he was always insisting that he was a doctor and Rachel and Phoebe would just laugh at him or scoff with “yea right” attitude.
        gosh!!! Ross was very’s amazing that i’m remembering the series all over of the funniest series ever!! apart from the Parkers and My Wife and kids.
        and sometimes, Ross could be sooo slow and annoying!!! you know how many years it took him to admit to Rachel abt his feelings!! and the worse things always happened to him.

      • I kinda really associated personally with Ross and as I see the series over and over again I get to understand him more. In my opinion his character is the “realest” one on the entire show. Its basic human nature. You’re good at some stuffs and an absolute dunce at others. But I also get frustrated over his slowness too sha. The guys dey dull at times!!

        Didn’t really feel the parkers but My wife and kids is awesome!!
        Fav episode is the one the son (forgotten his name) did pot and the parents decided to mess with his head.

      • hahahah@ the pot thing!! i can imagine though i dont think i saw that episode anyways..
        Did u ever watch Bill Cosby? now that was another awesome comedy!! and it’s so sad that they dont do it anymore but i watched some downloaded episodes recently..twas sooo cool seeing all of them and the lovely humor.
        i wonder what’s happening with this generation that they just keep doing dry stuffs.lool

      • Actually haven’t seen the Bill Cosby show. Which I’m quite ashamed to say out loud…. Definitely gonna be on the lookout for it now tho’
        There are some cool stuffs out there from our generation sha, How I met your mother? Scrubs, boston legal….
        But even as much as they try, they just can’t seem to outdo FRIENDS…..

      • as in!!!…loool…FRIENDS beat them hands down
        how come u never saw bill cosby and u saw family matters?!LOOL#surprised look and WOW…..
        u wont believe i havent watched how i met ur mother bt i hear stuffs abt it sha..the one i wud love to see apart from d scifi series FRINGE that i watch is EVerybody hates Chris..heard that was funny too

      • Saw Family matters as a kid and very intermittently on tv. One episode here and another there. Very far between. And trust me on this one!!… have got to see how I met you’re mother! It very cool and the humor is great. I’ve actually seen fringe. Just the first 3 seasons sha and I like it. Everybody hates chris is cool and funny but the humor, or rather the show as a whole is kinda basic…..or in other words childish. I would appeal better to a younger generation I think.

      • lemmie ask u tho, y is steve ur alter ego? whats the link between u two aoart from d “obvious” geeky thing

      • Err…. Its kinda sublime, kinda like with the Ross thingy. Steve is spindly, clumsy and awkward. Buh his got something I value more than physical features or suave….. Le brains.

      • with all our comments, i’m sure your comment box will be filled up by now…heheheh

      • LOOOL…. It really cool! I think this is the most comment I’ve gotten on a post 😀

      • #BIGGRIN!!!!!”
        hi5 to that one Semi dude!!!
        altho i’m abt to start another round by asking why ‘semi-dude? did you undergo any form of surgery or something?

      • Hehehe…. Naaa. Okkie Nerds as we all know aint cool right? Buh I’m kinda an ex-nerd. So I’m just a lil bit cool. Bout 40 percent actually. Hence the “semi-cool dude”

      • loool..
        so ure one of those ppl on first class ba?..intimidating others..hehehe
        so u stopped wearing ur glasses or wat?…what makes u think ure cool anyway>#sticks tongue out

      • First class?? Not even in my wildest dreams and most erotic imaginations and fantasies will ever be in first class. Err…I didn’t stop wearing the glasses, I just funked it up a bit…. Made it cooler.

      • hahahah!!! in ur mind abi?

      • Yels na….. You’ve gat to work with what you’ve got to make it work….

        Does that make any sense?
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld from Glo Mobile.

  14. #just joking by the way#wink
    bt it’s cool tho

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