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Hey guys! Today we have DankarO ShintO telling us what Grinds his gears. Enjoy.

Ladies and gentlemen, children of ages 13+, welcome once again to the amazing world of Kemi’s TTGMG. As much as I would love to stand on existing protocols and get straight to the point, I’m afraid I have to do a little education.

This might be a bit out of point but seeing as the actual thing that grinds my gear can be stated in a simple sentence I’m trying to get this to be presentable long enough to be classed as an article and I’ve always being intrigued by the differences and relationship between them, I’m gonna teach you guys the difference between liquors and liqueurs before we move on.

In general, “liqueurs” are sweetened spirits with various flavors, oils, and extracts. Liqueur alcohol content can range from a low 15% to 55%, so…

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    Think Girls,think money. But when the conventional analogies of this covalent relationship begin to veer off the usual run way. Truth is the weaker’ vessel becomes an object of social jest.

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