A Series Of UnRelated Ramblings

First of all:

1). Blogging for me has never being about the stats or the non-existent “money”. Tell a girl you’re a blogger and I think the lack of a reaction rather than its presence speaks all. it’s being more about the challenge and the thrill. Trying to write the line that get’s the reader hooked and coming back for more.

2). I realized the futility of human existence today and at the risk of sounding jaded and a wee bit cynical I also got smashed in the face with the ultimate truth bout human nature too; Man is Evil!

3). I finally saw the “Captain America” movie last week and had a weird dream afterwards. I was”Captain Nigeria”, clad in an Agbada and Aboki cap. Helping my president smuggle currency outta the country.

4). I’d like you all to imagine life without Cold water…..those long hot dusty afternoons. Have you ever taken 50 seconds off your day to pray for the inventors of the refrigerator? Or at least a moment of silence sef? Cause I’m sure they’re long gone.

5). My classmate approached me some time ago and was like “nice blog mahn, you dey try!” And after a short awkward pause continued, “put some porn tins na, e go make people dey read am well oo”

6). An awesome part of life Is having friends that care about you enough to correct and try to guide you. The “being corrected” part isn’t fun. We all know this, but look on the bright side. The said friend could have just left you to continue fucking up. Which would you prefer?

7). As at 10:23AM on tuesday last week I guess, I was in my HOD’s office, on my knees, if not for divine intervention him for tell me to raise my hand join.

8). Hazer just told me that real writers are miserable people. According to him, Why else would they fantasize about worlds and people that are non existent. Escapism. It comforts their insecurity and their lust for power. So if you read this blog and don’t drop a comment, you’re obviously contributing to my subsequent break with reality in which I might just take a machete to these razz Ekosodin primary school children. A pistol is just too tush for them.

9). I read about a competition online, where a car was offered to the person who could write the best guide to world peace in at most 25 words. Apparently the dude that won did so with just 4 words, and I’d like y’all to think about them

Human Dignity + Compassion= Peace

10). While chatting yesterday, my friend Isi gave me a very incisive and inspiring take on true love.
She said: “Well true love to me is finding someone u love,trust nd understand…den character nd other tins comes later…one tin I hve sat down nd observe is dat its not love dat is keeping our parents in deir marraige but its understanding…Understanding,wisdom nd love r d 3 major tins
Becus d love fades but d understanding doesn’t”

11). I once had a lecturer in 100l who always talked and emphasized on “thinking outside the box”. Back then In class I’d have this smug and patronizing look on my face because I kinda thought of myself as more liberal and enlightened than my peers. But over this period of time I’ve come to realize we are all Voltrons! Slaves to our Enviroments, circumstances and background, status and Educational level, to our family and even to our imaginations or lack thereof. As humans…..its almost impossible to be free!

12). My popsi’s always like “the white man can think sha” or “can an African ever be able do that” or even “God bless this oyinbo people sha”
Sincerely I always get riled up when he says stuff like that. In my opinion the only thing the white has got over us is the ability to develop themselves and nurture their talents. And that’s one culture we have gat to cultivate! Just imagine a 3yr old kid in jand. Only him go dey get piano lessons, karate lessons, singing lessons, art lessons, e.t.c and you expect that kid to grow up without being awesomely creative? You might as well tell Goodluck Jonathan to grow a pair.

13). Obviously you would have already noticed that in this world there would always be someone who does it better than you. In fact a lot of people who are better at it than you. Doesn’t matter what it is you do or how good at it you are, Someone will always be better. The trick is not to get discouraged and to strive to get better at it……strive for perfection people, don’t stop till you get to the top.

14). You’ve noticed ’tis the season to get bitch slapped for celebrities ba? First it was Karen Igho and now I’m hearing Davido. I think wizkid walks around now with a mouth guard and face-mask. Protect that face niccuh!

15). I just now realized I could have just said “Go Down Low” and everybody would have gone home happy instead of the many long story you just spent your time reading. That’s approximately 10 minutes of your life you aint getting back!



11 thoughts on “A Series Of UnRelated Ramblings

  1. This is beautiful…Great Job 🙂

  2. Finally, a blog post I can relate to…! Nice!

  3. outstanding. No 8 got me there.

  4. No. Shit. I’m on your blogroll.(ʃ⌣ƪ) You have a new fan btw. I love rambles.

  5. Sheikh(Dr) Pheel Al-rudeem

    Dis is a very Nice One bruv… I may tk u wit me to Dubai someday for u to chill wit me. Keep it up.

    • *goosebumpsonmyskin* if that ain’t the most scary tin I’ve heard all year then nuffin is!….just so we are clear, superman wouldn’t be able to drag me to Dubai with you. LOL

      • Sheikh(Dr) Pheel Al-rudeem

        Y are u scared little man?, Dubai ll be fun & I ll have u to entertain me with ur ramblings… Don’t forget dt I ll increase u in dollars… US dollars, u won’t wanna miss dis opportunity.

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