Jonzing (Episode 2): Lord Jones MacVodka II

What’s up my dudes and dudettes?!

How’s everybody doing tonight (err…depending on your time zone)…

So I went ahead and got me a guest writer. Yes, ’cause I like to help showcase talents and shii…..ok, actually we just wanna give you guys a treat…so…

Here’s my first ever guest writer, writing the second part of The Jonzing Series. I present to you: the one, the only, the Awesome @Tshyka!!

*** ***

I tried as much as I could to keep my cool and pray he didn’t just see what move I had made or at least too drunk to care but……I pray oh!! Nigga was higher than the freezing pinnacle of everest but his senses were still as sharp as the edges of a matured spear grass (no reason am, if that thing cut you…). So Tereson walks up to me in his half drunk half sane state to ask for his own share of the stolen piece of meat and well to avoid a yoruba man’s fury when he’s drunk, I obliged even though I was bittered and kept praying I had a chance to get back at him that night.

The dance floor was gradually becoming empty, only having a few couples doing the slow dance to mario’s ” let me love you” and a few more making use of the few available couch and seats in more fleshy intimate affairs. I saw a girl stand at the exit that led to the rest room the building’s basement held, after a few moments to rehearse my ice-breaker lines, I made a move towards her walking in the most alluring way my half drunk state could muster still expecting the worst of personalities too for I’ve learnt not to expect so much from girls this part of the world. “You do look like you need a bro to make you feel right, wanna get a taste of this sinful delight on the dance floor?” I said trying to sound as inviting as I could but she made no move even if it were just to regard my presence. Well, more work needed I encouraged myself “I gotta say when it comes to pleasing the ladies I’m a maverick”

I moved to lean towards her supporting my body with my hand against the wall just then Tereson ascended from stairs below and shoved me off “Edeekay I don pay for this one jare” he said “omo boy, you know this okobo wey just dey speak oyinbo here since? If he wan fuck he nor go tok as e dey do am?” The hooker ranted, Oh well, I knew better than to expect so much I consoled myself.

I moved back to dance floor and got lucky with a not-so-easy-to-like girl seeing as the gods of beauty and looks had denied her the physical graces of a female. Who cared anyway, she had soft cleavages and her hands seemed to love the feel of my woody fellow “I might as well just enjoy the moment while it lasted” I thought to myself and allow the moment move at its pace.
An hour later, I took a walk outside to get a breath of fresh air and so I went to a corner that looked like it was supposed to be a garden but then mismanagement happened. I was about to start giving thanks to my stars for sending the drunk girl my way when I started hearing little streams of laughter a little distance away and then something that sounded like Tereson’s voice said “na Godzilla you dey use play like that” “Godzilla?” The second voice I assumed to be the hooker’s voice said “E get level?, oya make I see how he fit show power reach” and then I heard nothing except for what seemed like the rustling of jeans, a phone rang and a few seconds later I saw the hooker walk hurriedly past me into a waiting car outside the gate when my instincts told me to trail her.

I hurried back to where the service to Tereson was supposed to be rendered and saw him lying on the floor, he’d passed out with his “Godzilla” looking up as if to get at the moon. I quickly searched him for his belongings but found none, apparently the hooker had made away with them. I quickly pulled out my phone, and took some shots “that’s for twitter I said” feeling happy I could revenge for the meat he shared with me knowing I needed it bad and then I went to call the rest.

Mayday! We’ve got three men down.


9 thoughts on “Jonzing (Episode 2): Lord Jones MacVodka II

  1. I’m proud I know diz dude. 9ce piece*

  2. Nyc 1ne bruv….mayday mayday!!!

  3. fantastic piece.nice work bros

  4. kul piece

  5. Thanks a whole lot…….

  6. u aint serious

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