Live a lil

#fact 1: University of Benin is boring
#fact 2: Uniben boring die!
#fact 3: Unibest is so boring, I sometimes develop suicidal tendencies…more like homicidal tho’

For the purpose of this article, I shall assume that after reading the first three facts, you’re engaged in a vigorous head nodding workout.

Question 1: Why is Uniben this freaking boring?
At this point, I’ll advice you to take two moments (not one ooh) to ponder on the issue before we proceed…
(Moment of silent reflection)

Question 2: Is it caused by the fact that Uniben students too like book? Abi na because una too know book??
(Answer varies from person to person)

Question 3: Or is it caused by the fact that Uniben students (Nigerians in fact) are inherently boring?
(Wrong generalisation right?)

Some philosophies of parenting propound that if children are raised in an environment devoid of stimuli, and are not allow or encouraged to interact with their environment, they will fail to develop mental capacities to do so, as is the case of most of us in school today.
Note: The purposes of the questions above are to get you into a retrospective mood of self examination:

According to wiktionary (the free online dictionary), a boring person is one that incites boredom in a person.
BOREDOM: “is an emotional state experienced when an individual is without work or is not interested in their surroundings. It is a condition characterised by perception of one’s environment as dull, tedious and lacking in stimulation.”

This can result from leisure and a lack of aesthetic interests. In a learning environment, a common cause of boredom is a lack of understanding; for instance if one is not following or connecting to the material in a class of lecture, it will seem to be boring.

However, the opposite can also be true; something that is too easily understood, simple or transparent can also be boring, boredom is inversely related to learning, and in school it may be a sign that a student is not challenged enough or too challenged. An activity that is predictable to students is likely to bore them – like sitting in a sweltering classroom for two hours (Uniben style).

After 3 years in this school, I can logically and safely attribute Uniben’s soberness and prudishness to a lot of things: lack of effort on the part of the school authorities to encourage, or in some instances even provide extra-curricular activities; an almost fatalistic attitude towards fun by the students; a very, very heavy academic work load; the fact that most Uniben students schedules revolve around the classrooms, fellowships of churches and their hostels.

Nonetheless, I’ve come to realize that most of us prefer it this way – restricting our interests to the primary reason of being here; the almighty GPA. While this is sort of commendable, it really won’t hurt to broaden one’s horizon – experience things out of our safe zone and have some stories for your kids. In short, experience life!!

As the typical solutions to boredom consist of involving in an intentional activity of some sort, often something new as familiarity and repetition leads to the tedious, I’ll urge you to do something new this week; from something as mundane as taking a stroll this evening to things even more interesting like joining the University of Benin Shotokan Karate Club (UBSKC) of which I’m a proud member or even learning a new language, striking up a conversation with a random person, preferably of the opposite sex. You may even go as extreme as going to the front of a barrack and slapping a military man( now that would really be interesting!).

I’m going to conclude with the words of a wise woman: @lilMzBraimah: “there’s more to life than education.” YOLO!

For if life, in the desire for which our essence and existence consist, possessed in itself a positive value and real content, there would be no such thing as boredom: mere existence would fulfil and satisfy us – Arthur Schopenhauer (“Vanity of Human Existence”).


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